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 💻  marketing tools kit

Welcome to one of my favourite corners in the internet - here is where i share with my fans the best tools and ressources I find :)


📕 Books

Becoming Supernatural

This is the hand-book I apply to let magic happen in my daily-life & business

DotCom Secrets

When I read this, it took me less than 3 days to change my business completely

Traffic Secrets

Once the funnel is built, it is time to add traffic. Here is the way to-go.

Breaking The Habit Of Being Yourself

This book changed my life - 100%.

Expert Secrets

After Dotcom, this is the must-read!

📲 Apps

The 9x cheaper international bank account

Send money at the real exchange rate with no hidden fees.

Madgicx AI Ads 🪄

Autonomously manage and optimize Meta & Google ads, increasing ROI.

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