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Taking your business to the next level!

AI Marketing Consultant & Growth Hacker

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We help you scale & grow your business with AI chatbots, and business automation.

From A - Z let me and my expert team take care of your digital marketing for exponential growth.

Too many apps, too many tools. Which one is the best for your company now? With my one-on-one consultancy I can help you in a 100% customized way and create a tailored- action plan to help you achieve your goals.

Keynote Speaker, Company Training & Live Webinars 🎙

A Growth Hacker with amazing ideas and proven strategies to engage with your live audience.

Trusted by G20 & Google


Are you a startup owner looking to leverage AI for accelerated growth, but unsure where to start?


Maybe you're part of a team in a medium to large company tasked with AI implementation but overwhelmed by its intricacies?


Or perhaps you're eager to drive AI innovation in your organization, yet struggling to navigate the complex landscape?

Can you see the untapped potential and innovation slipping away due to the complexity of AI? Are you frustrated by the missed growth opportunities?

Hey there, I'm your go-to person for this! As an AI Marketing Strategist Consultant and Growth Hacker, I love helping individuals like you and teams turn the mystery of AI into a significant growth catalyst!

Here's a snapshot of my journey so fa


  • Co-founded several successful global companies

  • Spoken at major events, including the G20 and Google's "Women in Tech"

  • Featured in Forbes!

Ready to unlock the power of AI for your organization? Let's get started.


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It's full of all sorts of helpful tools that will make your business thrive - 

My favourite books (that I use to grow my business) + the apps to increase your power.

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