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Taking your business to the next level!

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Growth Hacker & AI Specialist  🧙

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We help you scale & grow your business with AI chatbots, and business automation.

From A - Z let me and my expert team take care of your digital marketing for exponential growth.

Keynote Speaker  🎙

A Growth Hacker with amazing ideas and proven strategies to engage with your live audience.

Trusted by G20 & Google

About Mica 👇

As a Growth Specialist and Digital Marketing Strategist with a passion for startups, I leverage my expertise in AI, inbound and outbound acquisition, content marketing, and sales to empower businesses to scale and grow. Fluent in Spanish, English, and German, my global perspective and love for languages and cultures enable me to connect with diverse audiences and drive meaningful impact.

Founder and partner in several globally-recognized companies, I have been honored to be a Keynote Speaker at the G20 conferences, Google's "Women in Tech" Speaker, and other prestigious events like C2 Montreal. With a strong presence in the business world, I have been featured in leading publications such as Forbes and have forged strategic partnerships with CEOs and founders, expanding growth opportunities through networking. Also I've been
featured in Forbes!

🔥 Skills:
✔️ AI (Chat GPT4, MidJourney, and other cutting-edge tools)
✔️ Business Automation & Business Strategy Mentor / Consulting
✔️ Growth Hacking
✔️ Lead Generation
✔️ Digital Marketing & Social Media Growth
✔️ Affiliates & Partners Program Development
✔️ Business Development, Partnerships Closer & Sales Closer
✔️ High Ticket Closing
✔️ Project Management
✔️ Inbound & Outbound Acquisition
✔️ Content Marketing Strategy & Design (Canva Magic Design AI)
✔️ Copywriting, Blog & SEO
✔️ Instagram Management (Reels, UGC, Content Creation)
✔️ Email Marketing & Cold Email Campaigns
✔️ Chatbot Design & Development
✔️ CRM Management (Zoho CRM, CRM Streak, AmoCRM)

As a
marketing influencer and lifelong learner, I stay up-to-date with the latest AI tools and technologies, optimizing time and budget for businesses looking to reach new heights. Let's connect and explore opportunities to grow together.


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It's full of all sorts of helpful tools that will make your business thrive - 

My favourite books (that I use to grow my business) + the apps to increase your power.

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