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The growth magician  🧙

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About Mica 👇

Mica Beleni is a serial entrepreneur and growth hacker specialist with proven digital marketing strategies in +33 countries.

She started her life as an entrepreneur at a very young age (in high school) and has since empowered thousands of entrepreneurs to grow and scale. She is now 24 year young!

Mica Beleni is founder and co-owner of several companies, all with global presence and aimed at helping entrepreneurs in various niches where she has proven her strategies.

A lover of languages and cultures, today she lives as a digital nomad traveling the world.

She is a jewelry expert and founder of The Private Circle Of Successful Jewellers, where
she helps successful jewellers achieve their results through a hybrid system where her agency generates the material and Mica Beleni personally delivers High Level Lies to a select group of jewellers located in Europe, North America and Latin America.

Her relationship with jewellery began in 2015 when she started her own jewellery brand,
successfully recruiting +350 resellers and generating an economic impact for women (who became independent) all over the country.

In October 2019 she starts her life as a digital nomad and in Miami she has the idea of creating the
First Success Academy for jewellery brands, where she would reveal all her secrets to achieve these results and more. November 2019, she officially launches Namika, the first marketing academy for jewellery stores.

Since then she and her team have helped
+18.500 Spanish-speaking jewellery stores to reach the next level with "Marketing Namika". Since the end of 2021, they opened the first exclusive marketing agency for jewellery stores, where they offer the service "we do it all for you", thus achieving a perfect balance for all types of jewelry brands that want to grow, either by doing it themselves or by having Mica Beleni's expert team in action.

She is an
expert in automation and business growth, excelling in the world of chatbots, where she has a great impact with her agency Growth Hacking Bots which creates a perfect match between automation and growth strategies.

Even for her results and achievements from such a young age, she has been called by large organizations such as the G20 where she was Keynote Speaker, also at Google. Featured in major magazines in the business world as Forbes.

Mica Beleni has
strategic alliances and partnerships with large companies and organizations like Madgicx AI, Wix, Canva, inqoob,  Manychat, Scalabl and more, where she has close and high-quality contacts and constantly generates growth opportunities.

Also Mica is part of global communities exclusive for entrepreneurs and G20 members. This means her network is beyond huge :)

Her main mission is to help more entrepreneurs to be successful and live in total abundance and freedom.

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